August 04, 2023.

Dear Tobi

Long time, no say. Not that I haven't thought of you a lot over the summer. Seems this summer is flying by. They always do, but having been such a dry year I've had to water my garden sometimes twice a day. Seems to have left me with little time for other things I love.

I haven't given up on trying to get that upload attachment thing to work at the bottom of this form. I just posted the code in question to the pros who know. The first time they pointed me to a page that wasn't of any help at all. I'm hoping someone out there will say "Simple, just put this bit of gobbledygook here, this gobbledygook there and voila!" I never would have thought I'd use the words gobbledygook today. Or voila. In the same sentence, nonetheless.

Have you been gardening at all? I remember you used to grow things on your porch, or patio. I have a sungold tomato plant on my back stoop. I don't know why. I have enough tomato plants in my garden plot. But I like having it.

My garden buddy Bill passed away in June. I probably told you about him. A few years ago he felt something wasn't quite right and they discovered he had stage 4 cancer. They gave him six months to maybe a year to live. He outlived the prognosis. I was always so impressed with his attitude and outlook on life. He never gave up. And he didn't give up gardening. It's sad that he had to pass away just as his garden was really beginning to take off. His last words to me were "I think I'll come back this weekend and pick some of my spinach."

He had a heart attack the next day. I never had the chance to tell him I love spinach.


Sorry, but he would have laughed at that. I miss him. His widow gave my mother and I some of his garden tools. His neighbor Gary has taken over his garden for the season and a handful of us have been helping water his plot to help out. I had a feeling I would be given the task of processing his horseradish this year. Gary doesn't want it.


So I Googled horseradish a few weeks ago. Under the "People also ask" section, the first question was "Is horseradish made with real horses?" I had to laugh. Nobody asks that!


<3 always,




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